Cryosurgery Treatment Methods

Cryogen offers a complete range of treatment units, accessories and storage tanks as well as medical grade Liquid Nitrogen. The cryosurgical treatment units we offer provide outstanding performance in terms of safety, ease of operation and reliability that are fully compatibility with the other popular liquid nitrogen units and accessories.
Simplicity, high cure rate and reliability are keywords for liquid nitrogen cryosurgery as a well established and preferred treatment for various skin lesions. The treatment is associated with minimal pain, and none or minimal anesthesia is needed. In cryosurgery a number of other coolants such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and dimethyl ether / propane are used. However, these coolants do not reach temperatures below minus 90°C and can only be used for contact freezing. Further, some are environmentally unfriendly and introduce safety hazards. Liquid nitrogen provides superior efficacy at minus 196°C and offers both spray and contact freezing. Also, liquid nitrogen is safe, friendly to the environment, and readily available from Cryogen.
The low temperature, the variety of accessories and the high cure rate combined with excellent cosmetic results and ease of operation makes liquid nitrogen cryosurgery using a Cryo Gun device the most versatile cryosurgical treatment available at a very low cost per treatment.

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