• Brymill cry-ac

    Trust the leader in liquid nitrogen technology for cryosurgery and skin treatments, Brymill’s Cry-Ac® hand-held devices has a 500 ml capacity, this unit is the first choice of dermatologists and set the industry gold standard in safety, versatility and control.


  • Cryotote

    Transport a Cry-Ac® or Cry-Ac®-3 Cryogun unit offsite safely and easily with this durable nylon Brymill Cryotote bag featuring an interior accessory pocket and a lengthy shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.


  • Dipper

    Liquid nitrogen dipper is for removing small quantities of liquid nitrogen (LN2) from storage dewars. It is safe and convenient to use.

    Available in 10 or 20 litre dewar sizes.


  • Measuring Stick

    A simple way for you to measure your liquid nitrogen usage.


  • Medical-Grade-Only

    Cryogen is proud to be providing you with certified medical grade liquid nitrogen (LN2). Health Canada has strict regulations* when it comes to obtaining “medical grade” classification, and we at Cryogen work diligently to adhere to them. *No person shall sell a drug that they have fabricated, packaged/labelled, tested or stored requirements of this Division. – Health Canada GUI-0031 C.02.003.1

    Cryogen is one of four vendors (the only one focused solely on liquid nitrogen) that has been licensed under the Canadian Food and Drug Act with both a DEL (Drug Establishment License), and a DIN (Drug Identification Number) to deliver medical grade liquid nitrogen, which means you can rest assured that the LN2 you get from Cryogen is of the highest quality, and has been officially classed as safe for human use.



  • Cryogen-Tank20

    The MVE XC 20 is a durable, lightweight dewar that can be relied on to perform in the most demanding of environments.  The XC Series tanks are designed for the user who requires large capacity storage and low liquid nitrogen consumption in a convenient lightweight package, perfect for Medical Offices, Dermatologists and Restaurants.