Conical Probes

Brymill’s cryosurgical closed probes are industry-leading tools that allow physicians to treat skin conditions inside body cavities with precision and fantastic results for patients. The proper cryosurgical closed probe depends on the size and shape of the area requiring the liquid nitrogen application.

Mini probes are ideal for treating small areas of skin.


When encountering a larger surface area requiring liquid nitrogen treatment, Brymill’s conical probes can be used to significantly increase the scope of the freeze for better patient outcomes. Contact probes must be decontaminated after every patient use. Please follow this approved decontamination method.

​Their larger size means more LN2 must be used to cool the tip to the required temperature of -30°C to -50°C.

Although still manufactured they have be superseded by the Mini Probe range when it comes to smaller facial lesions.

Their advantage over the mini probes comes when treating larger lesions as their larger heads maintain their cold longer.

All contact probes come fitted a silicone exhaust tube to ensure the vented LN2 is directed away from the user and patient.

By applying pressure onto a lesions with a Contact probes you can reduce vascular flow, create a quicker deeper freeze and thus reduce the a freeze time.

Model Description
Model #216 Sharp-pointed Conical Probe
Model #203-1 1 mm Conical Probe
Model #203-2 2 mm Conical Probe
Model #203-3 3 mm Conical Probe
Model #203-4 4 mm Conical Probe
Model #203-5 5 mm Conical Probe
Model #203-6 6 mm Conical Probe


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