Samantha Pennington

Samantha joins the Cryogen team, bringing 8+ years of Administrative and Finance experience. She has a passion for helping others, and problem solving with a “think out side of the box” attitude. Providing a positive customer service encounter is one of her top goals, regardless of the situation. Learning is a constant motivation that she [...]

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Kevin Weygint

Kevin joined Cryogen in November 2019. He has over 15 years of experience in sales, management and customer service, and two years in operations management. He was born and raised in the Tacoma Washington area and enjoys getting involved in his local community whenever possible. He is dedicated to growing the Cryogen business and building [...]

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Nathan Wester

Nathan joined the Cryogen team in 2017. He has been a music enthusiast since high school and plays many instruments including guitar, drums, bass, piano and trumpet. Nathan studied sound engineering and music production. He has worked in the studio, at festivals and in concerts with Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Justin Beiber and 54-40.

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Leroy Wollman

Leroy grew up in a farming community in Southern Manitoba, moving to Alberta in 2004. Joining Cryogen with previous experience in construction, oil and gas, and forestry/production, Leroy enjoys new challenges. He gives his all to any task, paying close attention to detail and finding ways to be more efficient and effective. Leroy loves spending [...]

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John Ragusa

John was born in Toronto and grew up in Whitby, ON. He has worked in automotive finance and sales industry. Being in the sales industry John loves meeting new people and setting them up with everything that they require. His passion for customer service is his driving factor for his past successes. He enjoys spending [...]

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James Moore

James has a background in TV, radio and film industry, with over 15 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, Merchandising and Programming. His passion for learning new things has brought him to Cryogen where he is happy meeting so many types of interesting people. James makes a positive impact on Cryogen with his cheerful attitude, ability [...]

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Stacey Shufelt

Stacey hails from Quebec’s Eastern Townships, but has called Ottawa home since graduating from Bishop’s University in 1995. He brings extensive customer service and sales experience from 20 + years combined experience with Canadian Airlines, Air Canada , Subaru and Acura Canada. He has held various positions, most recently as General Sales Manager for Acura. [...]

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