• Ball probes deliver a symmetrical, dome-like freezing imprint of various sizes for cryosurgical procedures. Contact probes must be decontaminated after every patient use. Please follow this approved decontamination​ Ball probes can be used for ulcerated tumours, large tumours, underlying bony structures or for a domelike symmetrical freeze in soft tissue.

    All contact probes come fitted a silicone exhaust tube to ensure the vented LN2 is directed away from the user and patient.

    By applying pressure onto a lesions with a Contact probes you can reduce vascular flow, create a quicker deeper freeze and thus reduce the a freeze time.

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  • Brymill’s Cry-Ac® units perform better and deliver more positive results for patients when back vent adapters are attached. These adapters eliminate intermittent spray and deliver an increased steady flow of liquid nitrogen while also preventing clogs. All Brymill adapters are fully autoclavable.

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  • Brymill’s apertures enhance the functionality of the Cry-Ac® unit to deliver superior patient results using liquid nitrogen. All Brymill apertures are fully autoclavable.

    • Conical Apertures A-D
    • Advanced Acne Aperture
    • Tip Package
    • SuperSpray E Tip
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  • The MVE XC 20 is a durable, lightweight dewar that can be relied on to perform in the most demanding of environments.  The XC Series tanks are designed for the user who requires large capacity storage and low liquid nitrogen consumption in a convenient lightweight package, perfect for Medical Offices, Dermatologists and Restaurants.

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